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Φωτογραφίες 2018

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Βίντεο με στιγμιότυπα από τον Ursa Trail 2018


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Ο καιρός στο Μέτσοβο

The race «Ursa Trail 40km» closes 8:30 (eight and a half) hours after the start.

There are two intermediate points-cutoff time limits in the race. These points have been designated for the safety of the athletes themselves and for the proper conduct of the race. Those athletes who fail to go past these points at specified times, are considered void and may continue their race on their own personal responsibility after returning their bib number to the judges at the stations.

The time limits are:

  • At the Anilio skiing resort chalet/checkpoint 11 km, at 1.660m alt., 3 hours
  • At "Gkrizio" 24km 1,160m alt., 5:30 hours

Disqualification time limits are common to all types of athletes, regardless of gender and age. Cut-off time thresholds are common to all types of athletes, regardless of gender and age. After the times stated above have passed, the stations continue to record athletes but the athletes who get there after the cut-off time limit have an obligation to return their number. Athletes who wish so can continue their race out of competition on their own exclusive personal responsibility, having in each case returned their number to the officials. Last but not least, athletes, both male and female of all categories, must complete the race within 8:30 hour in order to be considered finishers. Those athletes arriving later than the 8:30 hours limit, are considered valid until they reached the final cut-off point (Gkrizios) and their names will show in the official results as "non-finishers (DNF)". The start and finish of the race are within 500 meters from "Gkrizios".

  • The race "Ursa Trail 20km" closes at five (5) hours after start.

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