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Φωτογραφίες 2018

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Βίντεο με στιγμιότυπα από τον Ursa Trail 2018


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Ο καιρός στο Μέτσοβο


Technical characteristics

The route is 20 km long, of which:

  • 10.5km trail 52.5%
  • 3.5km track road 17.5%
  • 3.5km asphalt 17.5%
  • 2.5km cobbled-stoned road 12.5%
  • The ascent ratio stands at 52.5.
  • The positive difference in altitude is 1050m and so is the negative as the start and finish points are common
  • The maximum altitude is 1600m at 10.0km
  • The minimum altitude is 1030m at 3.8km
  • Longest continuous ascent is 470m, from 3.8 to 7.0km
  • Lngest continuous descent is 320 meters, from 17.5km up to 20.0 km

Detailed description

Both races start at the main square of Metsovo, at an altitude of 1150m.

We follow the main road between the town hall and the St. Paraskevi church which is the cathedral of Metsovo. At 250 meters we reach the intersection, follow the right direction and after 150 meters we reach the south entrance of St. George's Park. where the two races separate and continue straight ahead with the park on our right-hand side. After 400 meters of running on asphalt road, we arrive at the Katogi Averof Hotel & Winery having completed the first kilometer of the race. We continue to 1,100m. slightly downhill asphalt road, we arrive at the junction and follow the right direction where at the next 500 meters we have the first ascent of the race gaining 80m of altitude difference. On the completion of 2.600m into the race, and after a left turn, we find the path of Ursa Trail. For 250m, we follow the path that leads us in front of the Tsanaka museum with its distinctive copper roof. For 100m we follow a slightly sloping path and 150m of cement road. We find the asphalt, follow it for 20 meters on a slightly downhill road and leave the asphalt.

We turn slightly left and enter the downhill path with turns that lead us in the All Saints Church. We cross the courtyard with the church on our left-hand side and after 150 meters we reach the neighbourhood of Agios Dimitrios (Saint Demitrius/James) with the homonymous church. The first settlement of Metsovo was founded here and gradually expanded upwards starting today from the 1000m and rising up to 1270m altitude. We follow the asphalt road for 50 meters on its left side, go down for another 50 meters in cement road and on completion of 3.6km into the race we arrive at the point of separation of the two races. We continue straight ahead on the concrete road and after 300m reach a plateau with a wooden pavilion where we find the 23.5km of Ursa Trail and from now on the remaining kilometers are common to both races to the finish. At this point turn right uphill path, we are at 3.8 km. at an altitude of 1.030m. For the next 3.2 km. we continue uphill until the 7th km at an altitude of 1.500m. on top of the ski resort Karakoli. This part is the most difficult of the race.

Within 100m distance there are the first houses of Metsovo and we follow the left direction on the asphalt uphill road in the village. At 600 meters we arrive at "Gkrizios" intersection, turn right and after 30m left to follow an intense uphill tarmac track for 200m. For 20m the terrain becomes straight and slightly downhill, only to immediately enter an uphill street and 200 meters later reach the church of the Holy Apostles on our left. On the right there is a stone fountain with drinking water. After 100 meters we turn slightly left and stepping on wide concrete stairs we enter the grounds of the Tossizza Foundation furniture company. On our exit we come across asphalt and follow it on its left for 200m and at the crossroads we pass across in front of the monument of the Hellenic Army. From here on, a strongly uphill path sets upon that leads us from 24.5km, 1250m altitude, to 26.3km, 1470m altitude in location "Karakoli" through pine woods, bushes and beech. The descend passes right by the end of the skiing cable car (one of the very first constructed in Greece) and after 700 meters we arrive at "Politsiora" and the 1st station, 7km at 1415m altitude. From this point, a smooth climb starts going through meadows, glades and a beech forest up to the location "Kaligomeno Aloni" at 29.5km, 1580m altitude. For another 2 km we follow the ridge through a forest of beech and glades with easy changes in slope. Over the next half kilometer we follow an easy descent in beech woods and arrive at "Vale di liosani", the 2nd refreshment station, on the 13th km at an altitude of 1400m. The path continues entering the cross-country skiing track in the form of a forest road with wooden bridges amidst a beech forest with variations in slope. Leaving the forest, we cross a small wooden bridge at the 35th km, 1420m altitude and crossing the asphalt we run across and go up the downhill skiing track of the "Prophet Elias" resort for 100 meters. We descend for 100 meters and turn right again to enter a beech forest and after one kilometer of easy route in the forest that alternates between glades and meadows, we reach the third station, at 17km and 1380m altitude. After the station, we follow the dirt road for 100 meters and turn right to go up to 1460m altitude. Then begins the last downhill portion of the race and, following the downhill skiing track of the "Karakoli" resort, we arrive at the 38th km (1300m altitude). We cross the asphalt and follo the trail for 200 meters. Right after that, we pass in front of the "Information Centre of Northern Pindos park." We cross the street and pass next to the local Indoor Sports Centre. We are now in the village of Metsovo and in the last kilometre of the race. We follow the asphalt for 150 meters and enter a downhill track. We pass just next to one of the oldest fountains of Metsovo and after 500m, having on our right-hand side the restaurant "Galaxias," we circle the main square and finish the race near the wooden statue of the bear.

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